4 Mo Old Baby pictures

Baby M Looking pretty

Baby M’s updated baby pics!

I had the opportunity to recently to go to Baby M’s house and take her 4 month old pics.  I was there for her newborn pics – they can be seen here.

This session was all her own and she was just so dang sweet and cute and happy we got awesome shots of her.  She lasted for a really long time and really never fussed.  There are some just captivating pictures of this sweet little baby girl!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them 🙂

This shot was so fantastic.  We simply tried placing her on her tummy to see how she would do – and check this out!

Here she is on her tummy!

Here she is on her tummy!

Here is another – She may be a ham – but I will take it…she, at 4 months old, has a great personality and the camera loves her!

Baby M. Cute

How does this pose work Miss Paige?

Baby M. Baby pics 4 mos

I love this one too.

Sepia toned Baby M

Let’s try a little Sepia

A change of clothes for Baby m

A change of clothes

Black and White baby!

Black and White baby!

I played with the one picture to see how I liked it. I did some of the more traditional colors and then tried some dramatic ones as well. I think baby photos should be more soft and delicate but sometimes the dramatic look can be neat as well. Here is Baby M…with a little different look.

Baby M B & W

A little more dramatic look for this baby girl

Just cracking up man!

Just cracking up man!

This is just a taste – the full gallery of her baby photos is up on my website located here.

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