About Me

My name is Paige and this is me 🙂

I am both a photographer and a marketing manager. I am a little quirky, a bit sarcastic, and like to have fun! My theory is life is too short to take it too seriously, so I try not too 🙂

I am a creative in all senses. In the theater I was an actor, director, writer, and in the work place, along with marketing and creating campaigns I also did graphic design and then I got involved with the creative process I love the most…photography. I take pictures and try to create a moment, a wrinkle in time that will last forever. I love taking photos and realized I found that I am a photographer more than anything else when I realized I often see the world through a lens.

Being a photographer is a rewarding thing!  I get to play with other people’s babies.  I get to make their kids laugh and I get to capture their family moments.  The most fun is being a part of the BIG day. Being able to be there when someone gets married and able to document all the little and big moments of the day is such an honor!

I am a mom of two littles.  They have taught me so much about how to deal with little kids and babies and sometimes I bring them along to shoots to help me with the kids. Babies LOVE other kids and I can get some of the biggest smiles when my kids are making the other one laugh. I try to just have fun on a shoot – because that is what it is supposed to be – FUN!

Another part of my creative self is a tad bit more analytical. Marketing. I have been really focusing lately on content marketing as I see that as the way of the future and I have always been a proponent of educational based marketing model. I feel that If you have a product worth selling, and consumers who need/use it, get behind the brand, then they are your best marketing tool. Educate them through all available channels and interface with them and they will be your biggest ally!  Currently I am doing freelance marketing consulting!


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