Newborn Photosession Preview

Newborn Photo Session

Newborn Photo sessions are that time when you get your pictures taken of your brand new little person. They are small, new, and are just getting used to the world.   I got the chance to take this little baby’s newborn pictures when she was two weeks old.  We had a lot planned for our session that day.  Baby pictures by herself, pictures with her sister and family and booked out plenty of time to accomplish all this ….or so I thought. This baby had different plans!

Babies Control the Photo Shoot

Babies are always in control.  I knew that going in and Baby M. decided to remindNewborn Picture Baby M. me of it.  She was cute, she was ready…but she wanted to know what was going on!  Basically she did to me what she had been doing to her mommy for two weeks….refused to sleep.  She just wanted to check out the world. It sort of felt like she just wanted to keep me busy so I would talk to her, rock her, shush her and play with her, and it worked because that is what I did.  If I wasn’t trying to take pictures of her asleep – it would have been great to hang out with her – but alas I needed her to sleep.  After a few hours of trying to get her to sleep – we finally won out and I got some great pictures of her along with dad and big sister, just big sister and the whole family 🙂

Newborn Pictures Preview

So here is a little peak at what we accomplished – we worked hard to get these and I hope theNewborn Photo Session family enjoys them 🙂  I got a lot of great pictures of her sister, who was my adorable little assistant and loved to help me with taking my pictures, setting up the lights and playing with the toys.  She was a good big sister. Taking baby pictures is a tough and rewarding job, but ultimately – these little people are only this age once and I feel compelled to get the best newborn photos I can!

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  1. […] I had the opportunity to recently to go to Baby M’s house and take her 4 month old pics.  I was there for her newborn pics – they can be seen here. […]

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